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Green fingers? Here are our Walker’s Wrinkles – some topical tips we’d like to pass on from our experts, and from our visitors, too.

Nettles just don’t like cinders and coal ash. So if you are lucky enough to have an open fire, or you know someone who does, use the contents of the grate to sprinkle around the ground where nettles are starting to appear.  They won’t like your offerings at all, and will give up the battle. Remember that nettles have an amazing roots system, which can travel wildly. They may be great for insects, but not in your flowerbeds.  And, if you have them and you cut them down, leave them in a bucket of water for a few weeks, and then use the mush as a powerful liquid feed.

If you want to encourage frogs and other wildlife to your pond or water-feature, don’t for get to give the little critters a way in – and out. A stray branch or little piece of planking into the water is enough.  They won’t thank you if all you have is sheer concrete walls. Little frogs can hop – but they aren’t competing at the pond Olympics!

After the spring daffodils are done, let all the old foliage dies down quietly, as this replenishes the inner bulbs so that they’ll have a lot of energy next year. Please don’t be tempted to cut daffs off, and if you have them flowering in your lawn, mow carefully around them for about a month and a half after the flowering is completely over. You might be able to encourage flowers next year from those which have come up ‘blind’ in 2012 (that means that they haven’t flowered) but it is probably better to dig up the blind clump, and split them.  They’ve almost certainly become far too congested, and the problem has been caused by overcrowding.  Replant with generous spaces between them. Daffodils are the most easy-going of plants, and they do pretty well in most soils that don’t dry out too badly in the summer, in sun or dappled shade.  It’s best to leave them in the ground year round, and if you are going to plant new bulbs, that’s a task done best in late August and September when they are dormant

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