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Our terrifically tempting teatime….


Everything stops for tea …well, nearly everything!

Lots of our customers will remember the title of that song made famous by the debonaire star of the 30′s and 40′s,  Jack Buchanan. And here at Walkers we’d love you to stop by on the last Monday of every month, to indulge yourselves in a little bit of luxury.

Afternoon tea was introduced to the UK by Her Grace the seventh Duchess of Bedford.  Apparently, the Duchess got a bit peckish in mid-afternoon, and had tummy rumblings when she realised that the next main meal wouldn’t be served until 8.00pm.  Unable to wait for dinner, the resourceful Anna asked her servants to bring a tray of bread and butter and some tea, to her boudoir.  She began asking her friends to come along as well, and bread and butter became sandwiches, cakes were added, and it all became a fashionalble social event.

Your afternoon tea has been carefully selected to re-live this fine old tradition – although our tea is served in the gareden Restaurant, and not in the Duchess’ bedroom! We can’t promise you a Duchess, but you will be treated like Lords and Ladies. Your cakes and sandwiches are freshly prepared, using only the finest Yorkshire ingredients, and our tea selection is second to none – everything from that original classic, Earl Grey to Organic Green Sencha from China and Assam Phulbari from India.

As dear old  Jack Buchanan used to sing: “It’s a jolly old English custom, and a tonic for the brain – when the day has made you weary, a cup’ll make you cheery, and it’s better than Champagne!”  We completely agree with him!

*Luxurious Five Course Afternoon Tea with pianist, 3 – 4:30pm, on the last Monday of each month.

* Pre-booking Required

*£11.50 per person

*Reservations can be made on 01302 770 564

*Take a look at our afternoon tea by clicking here

*And now we’re offering our guests a choice of delicious jams, all made by the  family-owned and run Catherine’s Choice producers of Sheffield.  They’ve built up an enviable reputation in recent years for their jams, preserves and chutneys, not to mention mustards, pickles and sauces, and we are delighted to welcome them to the Walker’s family of friends on the tables of  the Garden Restaurant.  Catherine’s Choice only use the best quality ingredients and, where-ever possible, source them locally, so they were the obvious choice for our Yorkshire Bred menus. Here at Walker’s, our energies are totally focused on promoting local produce and local businesses, so that you, our customers, get the very best quality and tip-top value.

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