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Walkers Nurseries Book Club – Digging to America by Anne Tyler

Digging to AmericaDigging to America by Anne Tyler

Digging to America by Anne Tyler received a wide range of responses from the members of Walkers Book Club, with some disliking it so much as to say it was the worst book the book club had ever read. Others felt, once read to the end, they had enjoyed it as it was well written, with some incisive descriptions, humorous observations and an interesting insight into Iranian culture. It is quite confusing as you begin reading as it is not easy to remember who is who, it became necessary to re-read the opening chapters to sort the characters out, but on reading to the end, the book became more compelling as the individuals began to develop and then quite surprisingly so did a love story.

It seemed from the opening chapters that the book would be an insight into how children brought from other cultures would adapt to an American lifestyle, but in fact it was much more about how their adoptive families adapted to them. It felt that the author started with one intention then changed direction.

About half did not manage to finish the book as it was felt that there was not enough in the story to hold the reader and the content was not interesting enough. The author, Anne Tyler, was held in high regard by two of our members who said how much they enjoyed other books she had written and were disappointed that this book had not fulfilled their anticipation of another excellent read.

The groups’ average score for this book was 5/10

Jane Longley April 2017

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