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September Plant of the Month

September Plant of the Month – Heuchera With its wonderful colourful foliage, Heuchera’s are the perfect perennial to brighten up any garden throughout the year. They have attractive heart shaped, rounded or triangular leaves, which can be smooth or wavy. They come in amber, bronze green, green, gold, pink and purples. They produce clusters of […]

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June 2016 in the Show Gardens


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September Plant of the Month – Japanese Anemone

September Plant of the Month – Japanese Anemone September’s plant is the Japanese Anemone.     Anemones are herbaceous perennials with tuberous roots, saucer shaped leaves and usually 5 petalled flowers.  They flower in the late summer, early autumn, with white or pink petals, giving a lovely splash of colour for the time of year.  The leaves […]

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March Plant of the Month – Narcissus

Plant of the month – Narcissus March’s plant of the month couldn’t be anything other than the lovely Narcissus. This brightly coloured bulb is the bringer of Spring and brightens any garden, pot or indoor windowsill with its beautiful flowers. Available in a range of colours, sizes and shapes there is a Daffodil to suit […]

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Gardening Jobs for March

Gardening Jobs for March There are lots of jobs to do in March Give the garden a thorough spring clean – weed and dig over your borders, incorporating organic matter into the soil Make any new beds and borders Clean and repair your garden tools When the lawn is dry, give it a first cut […]

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February Plant of the Month – Heather

This months plant of the month is the Heather. A lovely hardy evergreen plant, brings much needed colour to the garden at this time of year. Great for ground cover, Heather need little maintenance and will brighten up any bed, border or pot.

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January Plant of the Month – Primulas

  Primulas Tired of waiting for the Spring?  Brighten up your garden with these simply stunning Primulas our January plant of the month. Primulas make up a vast group of garden plants, the popular Primrose, Polyanthus, the old fashioned Auriculars and the delicate Cowslip.  As a general rule all the Primulas thrive best in partial […]

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Walker’s – our pride, for your pleasure.

Here at Walker’s we have a wonderful selection of plants, and shrubs available – as well as just about everything you’ll ever need to make your garden grow. And now, after a full 61 years in business, the Walker family would love you to come and visit our new architect-designed building, which opened last month. We are very proud […]

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Perfect Percy

In pecking order… One of the favourite characters at Walker’s is Percy the Peacock, the rather flamboyant character who struts around the grounds, displaying his plumage and also making himself heard.  But poor Percy hasn’t got a mate at the moment, and the other day he was discovered in Hannah’s potting area, in front of […]

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