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January Gardening Tips

• Recycle your Christmas tree by shredding it for mulch. • Dig over any ground which has not yet been dug. • Prune apple and pear trees. • Plan your vegetable crops for the new growing year. • Keep feeding the birds through the cold month. • Your garden will need protecting from frosts, gale-force […]

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January Plant of the Month – Primulas

January Plant of the Month – Primulas Tired of waiting for the Spring? Brighten up your garden with these simply stunning Primulas our January plant of the month. Primulas make up a vast group of garden plants, the popular Primrose, Polyanthus, the old fashioned Auriculars and the delicate Cowslip. As a general rule all the […]

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November Gardening Tips

November Gardening Tips• Clear up fallen leaves from lawns, ponds and flower beds.• Plant tulip bulbs for a colourful display next spring.• Plant out any winter bedding plants. • Insulate outdoor containers to protect from frost. • Don’t forget to feed the birds as the weather turns cold and frosty. • Continue to cut back […]

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November Plant of the Month – Pansies

November Plant of the Month – Pansies This month’s plant of the month is the Pansy. Pansies are hardy annuals. These plants offer colourful flowers for any season of the year in the garden. They have delightful faces and have a wide range of colours. Pansies are great for tubs and containers, borders and ground […]

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October Gardening Tips

October Gardening TipsAs autumn days shorten there is still plenty to do in the garden.• Clear up fallen leaves and use them in your compost. • Cut back perennials which have now died down and tidy borders. • Move any tender plants to the greenhouse. • Harvest apples and pears. • Prune back climbing roses. […]

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October Plant of the Month Pyracantha

October Plant of the Month – Pyracantha Our plant of the month for October is the gorgeous Pyracantha. The Pyracantha or firethorn is a very pretty shrub with attractive flowers and gorgeous red, yellow or orange berries in autumn and winter. Often trained against a wall or fence it can also make an attractive evergreen […]

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Septembers Gardening Tips

Septembers Gardening Tips Divide herbaceous perennials Collect seeds from perennials and hardy annuals Clean out your greenhouse and cold frames ready for the winter A thorough lean out prevents pest from making a home in that lovely warm environment. Plants spring flowering bulbs Keep weeding and also clear any debris or diseased material from your […]

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August Plant of the Month – Hydrangea

August’s plant of the month is the beautiful Hydrangea. It is an all time favourite well known for its gorgeous showy flowers, easy going nature and versatility. Hydrangeas are a very popular garden shrub, with delicate heads of flowers in pink, white or blue. The mophead and lace cap varieties are most well known for […]

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August Gardening Tips

August Gardening Tips Remember to water and feed your plants, especially any in pots and hanging baskets. Carry on deadheading all dying flowers on annuals, roses and shrubs. Cut back your perennials. Trim Lavender and Rosemary after they have finished flowering. Prune Wisteria by shortening any wispy side shoots to approx 20cm. Collect seed heads […]

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July’s Gardening Tips

July’s Gardening Tips Water tubs, pots and new plants if dry but remember to be water conscious. Deadhead bedding plants and perennials to ensure continuous flowering. Clear algae, weeds and any debris from ponds and keep your pond topped up with fresh water. Hoe beds and borders to get rid of annual weeds. Keep an […]

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July’s Plant of the Month – The Rose

Roses are a very popular garden plant. They come in a variety of colours, many with wonderful scented blooms, and can be grown almost anywhere from borders, containers, over arches, pergolas and as groundcover.  They are easy to grow and look after and can live for a long time if properly looked after.  They are […]

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June Gardening Tips

June Gardening Tips • Weed borders regularly to keep down weeds. • Pinch out side shoots on your tomato plants. • Mow your lawn at least once a week. Little and often is better. • Plant out all your summer bedding plants. • Stake up any tall herbaceous plants. • Keep dead heading any flowers […]

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June Plant of the Month – Geraniums

June Plant of the Month – Geraniums This month’s plant of the month is the Geranium!  They are a diverse group of mostly evergreen plants and can be used in boarders and bed as well as being a great houseplant. They flower mainly in the spring and summer time, most need full sun but will […]

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May’s Plant of the Month – Lavender

May’s Plant of the Month – Lavender Lavender is the plant that we have chosen for May’s plant of the month. Evocative of a traditional English cottage garden, Lavender is plant with a beautiful fragrance and long flowering period. It is a popular garden plant which can be grown in borders or grown in a […]

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May Gardening Tips

May Gardening Tips Time to buy your summer bedding plants, but resist temptation to plant out tender annuals still the frosts have passed, at the end of the month. Earth up Potatoes and plant any still remaining. Regularly hoe weeds. Make sure you remember to open your greenhouse door and windows on hot days. Now […]

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April Plant of the Month – Magnolia

April Plant of the Month – Magnolia April’s plant of the month is the wonderful Magnolia. Magnolias love the sun and flourish when kept out of the shade, they do not like strong winds, so some shelter is recommended. They thrive in any fertile moist soil, they do need a bit of room as they […]

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April Gardening Tips

April Gardening Tips Welcome to Spring! There is plenty to do in the garden now the finer weather is coming and the nights are longer. • Beware of frosts and keep new shoots and vulnerable plants protected at night. We can still have frosts and even snow! • Deadhead Daffodils. Give them a liquid feed […]

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Gardening Jobs For March

Gardening Jobs for March There are lots of jobs to do in March • Give the garden a thorough spring clean – weed and dig over your borders, incorporating organic matter into the soil • Make any new beds and borders • Plant snowdrops in the green, ready to brighten up your garden next year. […]

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February Plant of the Month – Sarcococca

February Plant of the Month – Sarcococca (Sweet Box) A gorgeous sweetly smelling plant, which flowers from December to March. A lovely dark green leafed hardy evergreen shrub, perfect for borders. Fantastic vanilla like smelling shrub. Plant in partial to full shade, well drained soil. White flowers, which are then followed by black berries. Very […]

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February Gardening Tips

February Gardening Tips February is the month when the garden comes to life again, after its long winter sleep. Despite having such a cold winter, there have been a few glimmers of sunshine and as there’s always plenty to do in the garden, now is the time to grab your coat and get outside. Daffodils, […]

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